The United States House of Representatives has passed legislation to protect endangered species.

The U.S. House approves a major wildlife conservation spending bill

by a vote of 231 to 190 against the redcockaded woodpecker and the puffbox mussel on Tuesday.

The Recovering America's Wildlife Act would create a $1.3 billion yearly wildlife conservation fund for states, territories, and tribes.

Since 1973, the Endangered Species Act has protected endangered species.

As it is now defined, it does not give adequate resources to sustain their numbers on a proactive basis.

"Too many people are ignorant that around one-third of our wildlife is at risk of extinction," report states.

More than 1,600 species are endangered or threatened in the United States, according to the US government.

The bill would make changes to the Pittman-Robertson Act of 1937.

This law was enacted in response to the decline of waterfowl and game species.

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